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Math credits

11 January 2022, 14:17

My daughter just started classes in Acellus Academy and she is loving it. I just uploaded are High School transcript but have questions about what credits she might receive with the math classes she has already taken. Her credits are transferring from North Carolina and she took Introductory to Mathematics, Foundation of NC Math 1 and NC Math 1. Can you tell me which math credits these would possibly transfer as credits for her in Acellus? I want to make sure she takes the correct math classes that she will need instead of at the end being told she has to complete some other math's before she can graduate. Thank you so much for your help.

11 January 2022, 15:02

You are welcome to have your students transfer credits reviewed and verified by our Records Department. Please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance in reference to this process. 

Contact us. 


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