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"Official Transcripts" that include date of birth

12 January 2022, 19:35

How do we obtain a transcript that includes the students date of birth?  The transcript available online within the students account does not include this information.  In addition is it possible to provide a transcript that contains only the high school credits?  The current online transcript seems to create confusion and concern for other institutions attempting read/audit/enroll.

13 January 2022, 9:57

Transcripts provide a record of all the courses that students have completed through Acellus Academy. This is recommended if students move to another school or for college applications. The transcript will be sent directly from Acellus Academy via email to the email address you specify. 

If another school or organization has a hard time reading the transcripts, please don't hesitate to contact our Support Team to direct you to our Records Department. They will be more than happy to look into the request for you.




13 January 2022, 10:24

Can the date of birth be added to the transcript?  What is the response time of the Records Department?

13 January 2022, 15:50

To protect student privacy, the date of birth is not listed on the transcript.  Our Records Department will process requests in the order that they are received. Depending on the type of request submitted, response time will vary. You are welcome to contact our Support Team for details on the status of a request that you submitted. 

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