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High School Diploma

14 January 2022, 12:51

Hello, my son has been doing Power Homeschool. It was my understanding that in order to earn a high school diploma from Acellus Academy we had to transfer him to Acellus Academy for all high school classes. However what I am reading now on the site it appears that the student must be enrolled inn Acellus Academy only for a 12 month period? Does that mean that all the Power Homeschool classes are accepted as long as the student has 12 months in Acellus Academy? Would you please clarify this as he is taking 4 middle school classes and 2 high school classes right now in Power Homeschool. We want to make sure to transfer him to Acellus at the appropriate time so he can earn his high school diploma.

Thank you

18 January 2022, 13:17

In order to graduate through Acellus Academy students must complete all of our graduation requirements, including spending at least 12 months actively enrolled in our school and earning their last six credits with us. Students are welcome to transfer in credits from other schools and programs. Transfer credits will need to meet our requirements, including that they will need to be listed on an official transcript. 

For a complete list of our graduation requirements, please see the following link: Graduation Requirements

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