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01 February 2022, 18:12

The lessons don't have dates how will my child know when he completed work for today? Also if he miss worm can he go back and complete it

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03 February 2022, 7:51

If you look the classes you have selected for him, and this appears on both the parent and the student page where the grades are listed, you'll see a bunch of gray stars. When he completes the day's assignment that changes and he gets a bright gold star. Also those pace settings are the school's default setting. If you think the pace is too fast or too slow, you can modify the number of assignments you expect him to complete each week manually.

03 February 2022, 8:33

Since Acellus Academy is entirely self-paced, we do not require students to sign in at specific times or complete certain assignments each day. Instead, we make the program available 24/7 year-round so that you can set up whatever schedule works best for your student's specific schooling environment.

Parents can view the total steps for each course their student(s) are enrolled in under the "Syllabus" tab. (Students can view this information through their accounts under the Progress tab.)

Parents can also view all of the steps a student has completed within a course. This includes the grade for each lesson and the time/date when it was finished: View/Print Detailed Report.

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