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Playback Speed Adjustment Has Been Removed

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06 February 2022, 17:53

We are U.S. citizens using Power Homeschool while living abroad in Australia. Our school year just started last week and we discovered the new playback speed feature. This is incredibly heplful as my daughter is taking Year 8 Geography and the teacher speaks at a ridiculously slow rate. Speeding up the video made it seem normal. However, today she logged in and the speed adjustment tool is missing. What happened to it and what do we need to do to get it back?

18 February 2022, 15:45

Hello, Shawn. Thank you for sharing feedback about the usefulness of having the option to adjust the video playback speed. You will be pleased to hear that this feature is now available through Power Homeschool.

This feature allows students to increase the speed of videos in their Acellus classes up to 1.5x faster than regular playback. For some students, this speed difference can help them focus better on what is being taught.  Note: Increasing playback speed above 1.5x has been shown to drop comprehension.

To access this option, the student can click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner.  Then, click on 'Speed' to make the adjustment.


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