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Do Highschool Chemestry and Biology include Labs?

09 February 2022, 14:54

I need to locally report if my daughter will be taking any kind of lab activities.  For example all the special lessons in 8th. grade science I report them as Lab (so labs can be virtual).  Does the highschool Chemestry and Biology clasess include these types of activities? anybody knows?

22 February 2022, 15:56

Special Lessons are provided in several (not all) of the courses offered with Acellus Academy. It is very possible that Special Lessons will be enabled in the Chemistry and Biology courses. Generally, Special Lessons are enabled for the students at different times throughout the courses. 

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23 February 2022, 10:28

In Honors Chemistry, there are a half dozen or so times in the class where the instructor conducts a lab experiment. He sets up the apparatuses, talks through the process and what he's trying to find out, and then records the measurements. Students don't actually need to make any purchases to do any chemistry labs themselves, they just observe. Whether or not watching the teacher conduct an experiment counts as a lab or not to whomever you report to locally, I have no idea. My guess would be "yes," but you'll want to verify.

As for Honors Physics, 18% of the way through, students are thus far expected to conduct a lab experiment by throwing a ball straight up in the air and taking measurements. Likely the presence of this one indicates there will be more labs as the rest of the course unfolds. Also, like in Chemistry, the instructor does visual presentations. Like recently, he pushed a ball off the table, then using the height on the table together with where the ball hit the floor, was able to plug numbers into his formula to determine how much force he had used to push the ball.

I know that you didn't ask, but for the record, if you're curious, there were no labs in Biology but there were in Environmental Science.

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31 May 2022, 22:25

Thank you so much!! This is very helpful

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