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Entering Mid-school year

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11 March 2022, 6:35

Hi, I signed up just today. We were using another resource I found to be sparse. I dont see an option to pick up where we left off. I only see a requirement to start the entire subject from scratch. Is there a way for me to be able to use this without losing our progress?

11 March 2022, 8:15

Hello, Monica.  Welcome to our program!

All Power Homeschool classes start at the beginning.  However, Acellus accelerates learning by quickly moving students through content they have already learned while giving them time to master new concepts. We do recommend that you evaluate and adjust the weekly goals to make sure the student will finish by the end of the school year. Be sure to monitor the student often to make sure they are staying on track to finish on time.

Parents can customize the weekly goal for each of their student's courses through the parent interface.  Parents can also see both the total and the remaining steps for each course under 'Syllabus' tab.  

Parent Tutorial - Changing the Weekly Goal



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