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Entering Mid-school year

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11 March 2022, 6:35

Hi, I signed up just today. We were using another resource I found to be sparse. I dont see an option to pick up where we left off. I only see a requirement to start the entire subject from scratch. Is there a way for me to be able to use this without losing our progress?

11 March 2022, 8:15

Hello, Monica.  Welcome to our program!

By default, students will start at the beginning of each course they are signed up for in "Teaching Mode".  In this mode, when a student struggles, the system provides additional instruction and practice as needed. When a student excels, the system quickly moves them forward as they demonstrate mastery of each concept.  This is the recommended mode if a 'Completion Certificate' is desired.

When starting part-way through the school year, some parents will use "Tutoring Mode" to allow the student to jump over concepts already learned.  This mode will allow the student to click on any step.  The system will not generate a 'Completion Certificate' if portions of the course are skipped, however, a report card and detailed report can still be printed to show the work completed by the student.

Parent Tutorial - Tutoring Mode


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