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22 March 2022, 18:31

My son has recently been enrolled in 11th grade level classes. He needs to repeat classes previously taken in public high school. When I try to add a class for credit recovery, it does not indicate it is specifically for credit recovery or only 0.5 credit. Do I enroll as usual for CR, or an I missing it?

24 March 2022, 8:50

Credits for all high school courses will be awarded on a “unit of credit” basis. One “1.0 unit of credit” equals a year of instruction within a course. Some courses are offered to students with half credit, “0.5 unit of credit”, equal to a semester or half a year of instruction within a course.

Students are more than welcome to retake any courses through Acellus Academy to receive credit. Here is the following link for all course options and their credit worth:


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