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How does Robotics Dance drop off?

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12 April 2022, 10:26

Robitics Dance Programming was finished a while ago but it didn't drop off of her current active classes. I figured it was because it was tied to her Intro to Coding class so that when she finished her coding class it would drop off. But she finished her coding class yesterday and it dropped off but Robotics Dance still remains. It shows 100% progress and gives the ability to print certificate. Is she one step short that's preventing it from removing from the list? 

13 April 2022, 10:04

Robotics Dance Programming is an elective bonus course that our Support Team can only remove.

You are more than welcome to request that it be removed 
by contacting our support team directly: Contact Support

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23 April 2022, 9:46

I called to have the program removed from my child's schedule when he was done. 

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