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Technical Problems

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20 April 2022, 16:04

As of yesterday, all four of our computers (three with Windows 10, and one very old laptop with Windows 7) are having the same issues on the Acellus app. We cannot open lesson plans in the help menu on the videos, our progress on quizzes/reviews are sometimes not saved, and we sometimes have to use the keyboard to give the correct response on quiz questions instead of clicking it on the screen.

Thank you.


20 April 2022, 16:27

Hey Sarah, Thank you for reaching out.

If you are using the Acellus App, could you check to see what version you have installed? A recent Windows update appears to have caused some issues with the older versions of the Acellus App. 

You can check the version you have installed by opening the App and right-clicking the top banner (next to the maximize and minimize). Then click on 'About Acellus'. If you have anything below version 35, you will want to uninstall the App and then download the newer version from the Windows store.

This link might be helpful to download the updated App after uninstalling the old version: Download Acellus App

You will want to make sure you uninstall the old app first so that you don't have two apps that cause confusion.
Removing the Acellus App and reinstalling will NOT delete any of the student's data.

You may, however, need to re-setup the Easy sign in on the student's device. You can do that by getting the Original ID and password and then clicking on 'Setup Easy Sign in'. 

How to Find Original Student ID and Password  


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21 April 2022, 10:35

Yes! This fixed the problem. Thank you for the quick and complete response.



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