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Midyear Enrollment

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26 April 2022, 23:06

Good morning,

I have a concern that I would appreciate being addressed. I enrolled my daughter into Acellus Academy midyear (around the end of March), and I was expecting her to be finished by May or June of this year like the rest of her peers. However, even though I enrolled her in the middle of the year, the program started her from the very beginning of all of her courses that would have normally been started in August or September and we are in April. I am concerned with how my daughter will complete the entire school year in the next month or two, when she has around 400 assignments for some of her courses and would make it impossible for her to complete by May or June. When I was first enrolling her, the website mentions that even with midyear enrollment, the program will make sure that students will be able to finish by the end of the year like the rest of their peers, but this doesn't seem to be the case in my situation which is concerning me. I would appreciate an answer to my concerns. Thank you. 

27 April 2022, 8:50

Students will start at the beginning of each course they are placed in. However, the program is entirely self-paced. Students will move quickly through any material they understand or have learned previously, but the program will slow down and provide additional instruction if they are struggling. Please see the following link for more information: Mid-Year Transfer.

Parents will also use the weekly goal tool to help their students complete by a specific date. Often parents will divide the total number of steps by the number of weeks they plan to have their student spend on the course. This calculates how many steps your student needs to complete each week to finish by that point. You are welcome to break it down into days to help your student finish by a certain time.

You can view how many lessons are within a course through your parent account. Select your student's name and go to the 'Syllabus' tab. (Students can view this information through their accounts under the Progress tab.)

Here are also some tutorials for assistance:




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