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General Chemistry course signup

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28 April 2022, 14:30

I noticed that a new General Chemistry course was released for high schoolers in the past day or two. My daughter wishes to do general chemistry, however, she wants the newly released course. The older General Chemistry course is still on the website as well. I went to edit her schedule but there is only one General Chemistry class. How do I know for sure if it is the new one or old one? Will they be eliminating the older class? 

29 April 2022, 9:41

Hello, Mary!  Thank you for the question.

The new General Chemistry course is now live in Power Homeschool.  In the parent interface, you can select the new version in the drop-down window.  The older version is no longer available.  

For more information about the release and to watch a sample video, please visit:

New Acellus Course: General Chemistry


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Posts: 18

30 April 2022, 12:23

Thank you!

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