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Issue loading lesson manual

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06 May 2022, 4:29

Since today we are unable to print the lesson manuals because the pdf document does not load on the screen.  We have tried on various laptops, checked adobe for updates, but nothing seems to fix it.  

When my son opens a video, he usually opens the lesson manual tab and prints the work so he can make notes and follow as the video progresses.  Those lesson manuals are now unavailable for print. Please can someone assist us.WhatsApp Image 2022-05-06 at 10.32.43 AM.jpeg

06 May 2022, 9:57

Hello, Dianne.  We appreciate the report.

Have you tried clearing the cache/browsing history recently?  Sometimes the browser cache will be too full and clearing it will allow the program to run better. *Note: If you are using the Acellus App, clear the cache on Microsoft Edge for Windows, on Safari for Mac or iOS, or on the native browser for other devices.

If you are using the Acellus App on a Windows machine, be sure it has been updated recently to the latest version.  A recent Windows update appears to have caused some issues with the older versions of the Acellus App. 

You can check the version you have installed by opening the App and right clicking the top banner (next to the maximize and minimize). Then, click on 'About Acellus'.  If you have anything below version 35, you will want to uninstall the App and then download the newer version from the Windows store.  Removing the Acellus App and reinstalling will NOT delete any of the student's data.

This link might be helpful to download the updated App after uninstalling the old version: Download Acellus App

If these suggestions do not resolve your issue, please feel free to reach out to our Support Team directly with specific details about your devices.  Have a great day!

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