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help with high school study plan for NCAA requirements

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01 June 2022, 7:49

I need help with my daughter's high school study plan. Does the school provide a counselor that I can reach via email? My daughter is a junior golfer and needs credits that align with NCAA requirements. I urgently need help as I am not familiar with US education. I tried to get in touch with the school via email and phone without success. 

01 June 2022, 9:26

If you plan to transfer high school credits, the first step is to create a High School Education Plan:

This will help you see what your student needs for graduation based on what they plan to transfer and the pathway they plan to take.

You can enter all credits you plan to transfer towards graduation under the "Plan of Study" tab by selecting "Taken At Another School". You will then be allowed to upload the transcripts on the "Import Credits" tab.

Most parents will use the Education Plan to map out their student's pathway for graduation and use this to keep their student on track. The transferring credits are then reviewed when the student applies for graduation.

Parents can then adjust their student's course list if needed:

Here is a link to our Graduation Requirements page for reference:

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