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Grades and completed courses

11 June 2022, 9:55

My son finished all his assignments and tests for his English class but in Acellus website shows the status as incompleted. He can't make his last exam. I don't have access to grades or to change incompleted status to completed. What I need to do to complete this course? thanks - Griselda

13 June 2022, 11:42

Acellus Academy requires that students complete all the necessary coursework for class completion. Therefore, not only does the progress percentage have to reach 100%, but if assigned, students would also have to make sure they submit all Special Lessons to receive credit for completing a class.

Special Lessons are worth 5% of a student's final grade. Any outstanding Special Lesson assignments can be located through the student's account under the "Special Lesson" tab indicated by a brown suitcase.

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