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Transferring credits from Acellus--Power Homeschool to Acellus Academy

21 June 2022, 16:29

Thank you for your help!

My son, Clay Cutter--11/16/2003, started his online studies at Acellus via Power Homeschool. He's now enrolled at Acellus Academy, and I'm in the process of transferring his credits from Acellus PH to Acellus Academy. PH has sent the transcripts to AA, but now when I try to log in to my parent account at PH, Gold Key pops up and I can't get to the Acellus Power Homeschool account so that I can view his transcript or have one emailed to me at;

Thank you for your assistance!


22 June 2022, 9:55

Hello, Tayron.  Thank you for reaching out.

You can contact our Support Team directly for assistance through one of our contact methods:

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Looking forward to connecting with you!


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