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Accommodations for students with a Learning Disability

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24 June 2022, 6:46

My son is in the 8th grade, and when he started in September 2021 he was coming from public school with a learning disability (IEP).  He struggles in areas of Reading Comprehension, Math Problem Solving, and Written Language Expression.

I understood Acellus to be self-paced which is great for him, and the accommodations for students who struggle which is giving additional instructional resources are a huge help.  With this practice, you feel no student is left behind but I disagree.
Right now my son is behind, he has to take advantage of the additional instruction to master the material (however long that takes) but no credit is given for the time spent on that additional work, and he still has to complete all the lessons.  It almost feels like because he has a disability he is being penalized for having to complete additional lessons.  At this point, he will not have a summer break before we start his 9th-grade work and I don't want him starting in the fall still working on 8th-grade work.  That would be very discouraging for him because it would be the same way every year.  Here is where he is as of today, he has a long way to go:
204 of 220    Personal Finance
309 of 337    Language Reading
172 of 269    Science
121 of 214    Pre-Algebra
138 of 315    American History
I am trying to decide if this is the right place for him.  Can you answer a few questions for me?
1.  Does the student have to complete each course completely to get credit and move to the next grade?
2.  Can a student for example take 3 classes with Acellus, and take the other classes with textbooks?
3.  Can credit be given for the additional lessons which will eliminate some of the lessons needed to complete each course? 

24 June 2022, 11:01

In Acellus Academy, students must complete all required coursework to receive credit. Although parents are more than welcome to integrate their own resources, we currently do not have a way of crediting outside material towards our curriculum. 

The program is completely self-paced and available 24/7. This allows students the ability to sign in and complete classwork at any time and day. 

Parents can monitor their student's progress through the interface to ensure they are progressing at the desired speed. In addition, parents often use the weekly goal tool to set up a schedule so students can complete it by a specific date.

They will divide the total number of steps by the number of weeks they plan to have their student spend on the course. This calculates how many steps your student needs to complete each week to finish by that point. Of course, you are welcome to break it down into days to help your student finish by a certain time.

Here are also some tutorials for assistance:

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