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ACD2 robot

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04 August 2022, 8:52

We cannot get the ACD2 robots connected. In the browser for the course, we see the place where it says to click if you have the robot. We have the robot, it is on, and it is by the computer. However, it says "browser does not support blue tooth connection" even though we have it enabled. I also tried to connect on an android phone and it won't register at all that we have clicked the connection button. Please let me know what we need to do! Thanks.

04 August 2022, 10:17

When trying to connect the AC-D2 bot to your student's STEM course, we recommend that students download the Acellus Student App to launch the program. The app is free of purchase on the Microsoft Store and only supports Windows 10 Assigned Access. 

Please note that there are two Acellus Apps. First, you want to ensure you are using the Acellus Student app. 

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