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Robotics class

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11 August 2022, 19:26

Why is the Robotics class showing up on my students class list?  It's showing in addition to his other 6 classes but we didn't sign up for that class.

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15 August 2022, 21:39

Did you get an answer? I have the same question.

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16 August 2022, 19:18

When my daughter started Acellus HS, she got Robotics Dance Programming added (without me asking for it) and I emailed them.  They said it is a short fun class the kids like.  It is true, it was short, and she did it quick and got half a unit, which is basically a semester of credit for it also.  Not sure if that is what you guys have, but that is what happened to us- and it helped her units toward graduation.

24 August 2022, 12:57

Robotics Dance Programming is a bonus elective class automatically added and does not count as one of your student's 1-6 classes. Therefore, this course is not required for your student to take.

This class is available for all students interested in learning basic coding and how to program the Acellus robot, ACD2. Students who enjoy this course will likely want to continue and take our STEM-10 program.

If you are not interested in having this course on your student's account, please contact our Support Team at 866-684-6127 or for removal.

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