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Verification of Enrollment with signature

14 August 2022, 11:23

I'm trying to get my daughter a Texas learning permit driver's license.  It requires a verification of enrollment in high school.  I found the one that can be printed out on the Acellus Academy website; however, it is signed only with the title Acellus Academy Registrar.  The Texas DPS form instructions says it must have an authorized signature as well as a title.  

Is there any way to get one with a signature?  A computer generated signature is acceptable to them.


Thank you

24 August 2022, 10:00

Student academic records such as official transcripts, report cards, and verification enrollment letters are accessible through the parent interface. 

If the records provided are not sufficient, parents are welcome to submit their request to our Records Department so they may look into this further. All requests to the Records Department would have to be submitted via our website form:

Please fill out the form with the following categories:

  • Who is submitting this request? > Parent
  • Category > Records
  • Need additional help? > Yes
  • Fill out the form > Contact Us Via Email 
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