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English in HS, how to search forum

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16 August 2022, 15:47

First, how do you search in this forum? It would be great if I could search for "English" to see if my question was answered already but I cannot locate a search function other than for people- please advise.


Second, I have a child in HS English, and an AI is grading the special lesson assignments which are essays.  The student is aware of this, and knows she can puff up the AI grade by putting certain things in assignments such as a bunch of descriptive words in a row.  This encourages bad writing actually, if only a string of certain types of words get a student over 100%.

  So, my question is, in her HS English classes, will a human EVER review her work through HS? I don't think an AI, that gives a student higher grades for e.g. 8 adjectives in a row (that would be graded down in regular HS and won't work in real life), is teaching her anything about structure or how to actually write a good essay.  She is aware of this also and says the AI actually is harming her writing due to grading on structure or types of words only, not the quality of her writing.  When I messaged on this, I did not get an answer.

If no human will review work at some points during HS, there is no way a student will be prepared for college essays, so I hope this will happen periodically with a human and don't understand why it would not as writing is very subjective and humans need to evaluate structure, theme, persuasion, and not just repetitive words.


Does a human English teacher ever review HS English essays or not?  And if so, in what grades, as none did in the entire 9th grade English curriculum!

24 August 2022, 11:39

In some cases, we have used special lessons to give the students writing practice.

We now have a feature in Acellus called the Writing Tutor. This feature uses Intelligent Interaction to tutor students as they write, giving immediate feedback on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and writing style. With this personalized feedback, students quickly discover they can become exceptional writers.

We thank you for your feedback on the program in terms of the writing quality aspect. We look to better our resources for all of our student's academic success, so we will be sure to send your concern on this matter to our Courseware Development Team. Again, we genuinely appreciate your input on this.




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