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marking attendance for field trips

22 August 2022, 7:37


We are signed up for the accredited program, and are wondering how we go about marking attendance on a day when our children do not complete Acellus activities but participate in some other educational activity, like a field trip, that we have organized.

We also do not know how to mark non-attendance on a particular day as an excused absence.  This is important to us because we believe we will be reintegrating into public school in January and do not want to create any confusion about whether they have attended enough days of school if they have an illness or other time that they need to be away from the program.

Thank you for your help!


24 August 2022, 12:11

Acellus Academy is available 24/7. This allows students to sign in and complete classwork any day of the year.

Because Acellus is self-paced, parents can plan their own schedule - including holidays and breaks. This is not something that needs to be logged or entered into the program, as the system will automatically keep track of the student's attendance. 

On days when your student does not log in, we will assume that you have excused them for that day, and they will not be considered absent, and their grade will not be impacted. Your student's attendance report will be marked green on days when they attend, and when they do not log in, the attendance will be left blank.



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