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22 August 2022, 19:44

I have submitted my sons transcript, created a educational plan, and his courses that he has already taken are not on his credits.  I work and don't have time to sit on hold, you close at 5 and I am still at work?  He is a senior according to our calculations.  But Ascellus hasn't added his credits from the academy to his transcript.  We have paid a lot of money in our world for this and all that I am asking is for someone to respond to my email that was sent on Saturday 8/20/2022.  The first few were within 24 hours????

24 August 2022, 12:16

If parents want to make course changes according to the High School Education Plan they created, this can be done through the parent portal under Manage Account. 

Please see the following link for instructions: How to Add/Drop Courses

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