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How to access/view all problems in the score section?

29 August 2022, 9:38

I am reviewing my son's scores and I note that I am only able to view the problems that he answered incorrectly. How can I see all of the problems provided during the lesson? I want to access them so that I can use them as part of a review process with him.


Thank you

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30 August 2022, 12:22

I would also like to see all problems, not just the ones the kids answered incorrectly.

thank you


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13 September 2022, 13:49

Was this answered ? I am wondering the same thing. Thanks

24 February 2023, 17:01

2023 and this still hasnt been answered?

28 February 2023, 17:01

We appreciate you taking the time to reach out.

Our system does allow parents to view the problems the student answered incorrectly so they can provide assistance when needed and supervise their learning. 

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to display the problems answered correctly since this information was being used to share answers. 


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