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07 September 2022, 17:18

I enrolled my daughter into Acellus Academy 10th grade. She was homeschooled last year. How do I get her credits transferred to Acellus. 

Thank you.

06 October 2022, 13:06

Acellus Academy will accept transfer credits that meet our transfer of credit requirements outlined on the Acellus Academy website:


Transferring Credits

  • Credits earned while attending another high school may be transferable.
  • An official transcript will be required for the transfer of credits.
  • Only credits with a grade of C- or greater are eligible for transfer.
  • Acellus Academy reserves the right to decline the transfer of credit(s).
  • As a minimum, students must complete the entire 12th grade through Acellus Academy (minimum of 6 credits)
  • Note: There will be a $15.00 / per credit unit fee at the time eligible credits are reviewed and verified. 


You will want to upload your students transcript to the Education Plan located within the parent account, see:

After you have completed the Education Plan and uploaded your students transcript, you are welcome to have the transfer credits reviewed through our Records Department. 

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