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Not able to rewatch lesson videos

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13 September 2022, 13:37


The orientation videos said that the students were able to go back to lesson videos that they had previously watched and watch them again in order to review, take notes etc. My student can go into the resources and lesson list and see all the available lessons, but she cannot click on any of the ones she's completed and watch them again. Has this feature been disabled or is there another way to access them that we're missing?



16 September 2022, 8:50

Reviewing lesson videos can be done under the student interface. Students can re-watch a lesson video as often as they would like while working on the corresponding practice problems. 

If a student would like to view a past lesson video, they can go under their Score tab and choose to retake a set of problems. While retaking the problems, students can view any helpful features associated with that step, including the original lesson video.

When a student chooses to retake a set of problems, their new score will replace their original score. Please see the following link for more information: Retaking Steps.

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