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Grading special lessons

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13 September 2022, 14:48

I've noticed that some special lessons my students have completed are not receiving grades after being submitted, even weeks after they are submitted. I would like to know the process of grading for special lessons, and if I am able to grade them myself. I would also like to know if I am able to re-set assignments if I feel like my student should redo them. 

16 September 2022, 9:18

Acellus Academy requires that students submit any assigned Special Lessons to receive credit for completing a class. Special Lessons are worth 5% of a student's final grade. Therefore, we recommend that students stop and take time to complete the Special Lessons as assigned rather than wait until the course's end. 

Special Lesson assignments are graded automatically by the Acellus Writing Tutor® program. Writing Tutor goes through a 4-step process to check the student's assignment.

  1. Once students complete the writing assignment, the Writing Tutor will first check to see if the student met the assignment requirements, such as word count and use of keywords.
  2. Secondly, the Writing Tutor will check and flag any spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. The student must correct all errors before it lets the student move on.
  3. After, the Writing Tutor will recheck the assignment, but this time, a numeric score will populate at the top left corner of the screen based on the student's grade level and writing complexity. If students are unsatisfied with their scores, they may increase their scores by clicking on the "boost" score option. Students will then receive feedback on improving their scores based on the three categories: vocabulary, style, and structure. Students can click on each category for tips on how to boost their scores.
  4. Once all requirements are fulfilled, students will see the blue "Final Submission" button at the bottom right corner of the screen to turn in their work.

Please ensure that all requirements are fulfilled for the student to final submit their assignments.

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