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How does the grading process work?

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13 September 2022, 20:58

Support: My understanding is that turned-in work is seen in the parent's portal but then how are they graded? If that is a parent's responsibility can you please explain the entire grading process? Thank you.

26 September 2022, 16:51

Hello Syed,
This is a good question.
It sounds like you are referring to the special lessons portion of our program. In Power Homeschool, the Special Lessons are optional, and parent graded.  Only the Writing Tutor lessons will show a grade in the system.  However, because Special Lessons are not required, even the Writing Tutor grades will not affect the final score in any way. There is not a way to input a grade or change the Writing Tutor grades in the system. 
Thank you for reaching out to us and please do not hesitate to do it again if any other questions arise.
Have a wonderful day!
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