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14 September 2022, 20:03

Is there any trial before paying? Are ap exam costs covered? How do credits transfer from this school to other schools? Can I try out the program before paying? Can I get refunded? 

16 September 2022, 10:39

Acellus Academy currently does not offer a trial period.
However, there are no contracts with Acellus Academy, so parents may cancel at any time. Any tuition payments processed prior to the time of cancellation are non-refundable. 
AP courses are covered under the tuition. Please see the following link to view current tuition rates: Enrollment Pathways
The tuition covers the registration and instructional expenses to enroll a student in Acellus Academy.
Transcripts may be requested through the system to provide a record of the courses completed by a student. Incomplete courses will not be listed on the transcript and no credit will be given for a partially completed course. Note: We recommend that you check with your school of record in advance to verify that courses completed under this program will qualify for transfer credit.
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