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31 October 2022, 2:05

Is it possible to create a site for parents of Accelus students to communicate directly? It would be so that we could discuss ways to improve our children's homeschooling experiences? 

I ask because I have a 9th grader who's interested in being more social, and would like to join a pod of kids 2-3 times a weeks throughout his highschool career.

He'd like to meet other teens utilizing the program, that he'd be able to hang out with during his future commencement ceremony. I've noticed it's a bit awkward at social events with homeschoolers who don't know each other, and that it takes the fun out of it, as the friendships just aren't there yet.

I've also noticed that online schools are now offering dances and proms, trip events, graduation ceremonies, and video chats for their students, and I think it would be awesome if Accelus could do the same. 

If we, the Accelus parents, could chat to arrange meet and greets or ways to provide these exrta curricula activities, then we could grow an already great school, into an even greater school.

So if anybody sees this, please pass it on and consider this for our children. 

02 November 2022, 9:28

We now offer the Acellus Club!


This new feature is offered under our Enhanced and Premium Plans. This feature allows students to interact, join clubs, and share interests with other students online through the student interface. Parents will also have access to monitoring these interactions. 


If parents are interested, they are welcome to upgrade to either the Enhanced or Premium Plan through their parent interface under "Manage Account". Please see the attached image for further help:

  • Tuition Plan - Upgrade Now.png
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15 December 2022, 11:45

I would think a Facebook group would be the best way to accomplish this. Are you perhaps in the Midwestern region? Looking to participate in a high school co-op ourselves.

28 December 2022, 10:29

Parents are always welcome to interact with each other through outside Social Media platforms.

Acellus Academy currently provides student and parent interaction mainly through Acellus Club under our Enhanced and Premium Plans and

SchoolParents also allows our homeschooling parents to collaborate with other parents from the same region to gain insight on best practices to follow when homeschooling.

Here is also a similar post by parent Anya Baker on this co-op topic: Anya Baker - Atlanta Parents of middle and Highschoolers

24 February 2023, 14:55

There is a parents facebook page and we are members of multiple local homeschool groups. The students speak to each other within our local groups via discord, band, and We could setup a group for Acellus students on one of these platforms. It would give them access to each other without all the proven harmful aspects of other social media (instagram, snapchat, tiktok etc)

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