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Can we change the "required/recommended" course load for each week?

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13 December 2022, 12:37

We have decided to do a one subject per day schedule and were wondering if the daily lesson "requirements" can be changed to reflect this.  Normally it just shows the progress for each day and even if the student goes past that it just says their required lessons are completed for that day but it doesn't say how much they went past or what their progress for total lessons in each subject that week is.  I didn't see a way to customize this anywhere, is that an option.  So, for example Tuesday when we do Math their math lessons for the entire week would show up in the progress section instead of being spread out each day?



14 December 2022, 11:24

Parents can monitor their student's progress through the interface to ensure they progress at the desired speed. Following the minimum weekly goal we provide will help students finish up in a regular school year.

However, parents are welcome to adjust the weekly goals if needed. Here are instructions for further assistance:

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