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19 December 2022, 16:20

My daughter's Plan of Study included Chemistry Honors as her 10th grade science. She is starting her 10th grade coursework now, but was assigned Environmental Science instead. I tried editing her classes, but it seems Honors Chemistry is not on the list of classes to choose from. Should she take Honors Physics this year instead of next, and hope that Honors Chemistry is offered then, or Environment Science that was assigned?

28 December 2022, 10:42

Usually, when a student completes a core class (Language Arts/Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies), the system will automatically populate a recommended next-grade level class for them to start. 

The best way to determine which courses your student needs to take is to create a High School Education Plan. This tool helps you to map out a plan of study based on your student's career goals and interests.

You can create an Education Plan through your parent interface if your student is 13+ years old. Here are instructions: How to create a High School Education Plan.

After creating the plan, parents are welcome to make course adjustments through the parent portal if needed. Here are the instructions: How to adjust courses


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