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Semester/year control

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17 January 2023, 11:16

How do i control when the end of the school year should be or see when it’s projected to be over. 

Does enrolling this late into the 22/23 year mean the program is going to expect the whole years worth to be done even though the start until now of the school year was done in public school? 

Do we have more control or are we just supposed to stack up the “goals”. If we can control this great! If not I’d say this would be something to migrate into the system so parents can control the school year, semester, and classes throughout.

20 January 2023, 8:05

Because Acellus is self-paced, parents can create their own schooling schedule. Therefore, on days when your student does not log in, we will assume that you have excused them for that day, and they will not be considered absent, and their grade will not be impacted. Your student's attendance report will be marked green on days when they attend, and when they do not log in, the attendance will be left blank.

We give credit based on mastery of the course material. You can easily view your student's progress through their courses from the parent interface: How to monitor student's progress. By viewing your student's progress regularly, you can ensure that they are progressing at the necessary speed to be finished by whatever completion date you would like (a general completion date would be the end of the school year, i.e., the start of summer).

Following the minimum goal we provide will help students finish up in a regular school year. However, if your student starts later in the year or gets behind, you can have them work more each day or even during evenings or weekends to complete the desired amount of coursework.


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