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30 January 2023, 15:22

My son is enrolled in 7th Grade. Within each course syllabus, are the lessons listed for the length of a semester, trimester, or for the entire 7th grade curriculum? 

02 February 2023, 10:46

Credits for all Acellus Academy courses will be awarded on a “unit of credit” basis. One “1.0 unit of credit” is equal to a year of instruction within a course. In addition, some courses are offered to students with half credit, “0.5 unit of credit”, equal to a semester or half a year of instruction within a course. Here is a list of our available courses and credit amount:

Since Acellus Academy is entirely self-paced, these courses can be completed anytime. Therefore, there is no scheduled school year or timeframe for completion. 

The Syllabus will display the complete outline of the entire course for completion.

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