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Unenrolling from Geometry

07 March 2023, 18:22

Hello. My child is enrolled in acellus and she has just finished the Algebra course, she is in the 9th grade and she has chosen her classes for this year already. After she finished the final exam it automatically put her in Geometry and I cannot seem to unenroll her from the course as I've decided she will take it next year. From what I read geometry is neither required for graduation from 9th to 10th grade nor required to graduate in general, so I am confused as to why I cannot remove the course. This is extremely concerning as the end of what I've allowed for her schooling year is coming to a close in 3 months and there's no way she will be able to complete geometry and the other 2 of her courses she has left by then. Any information on how to unenroll her from the course would be greatly appreciated.

16 March 2023, 11:33

Usually, when a student completes a course, the system will automatically populate a recommended next-grade-level course.

Parents can make course adjustments anytime through the parent portal if needed. Here are the instructions:


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