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Questions regarding Pathway requirements

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06 March 2021, 9:44

Hi all

I have two set of questions regarding the Graduation Pathway requirements. 

1) When my son initially enrolled last July, he took an introduction to SEL course; which he completed.   Is this course considered as completed of the Health requirement or, since it wasn’t the High School level course, is it considered an elective ?


2) One of the requirements is a credit in Practical Arts however the Course Catalog doesn’t have this category listed; but it does have Career & Technical Education , is that the same thing?  



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16 March 2021, 14:43

A full credit is required for health, usually students will take the Health course and count SEL as an elective.

If you go to the Acellus Academy website you can view a list of the Graduation Requirements. It's on the top menu: Academics > High School > Graduation Requirements. This will show the course options for Practical Arts. (Most career or technical courses can be used to count towards this requirement.) 

Have you set up an Education Plan for your student yet? If not, that's a great way to map everything out. You can always make changes to the plan later. You can find a step-by-step on how to set up the plan under the 'Pages and Collections' section in this group, just search Education Plan.

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