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15 November 2021, 16:59

Hi, we have only just begun doing special lessons, although we started with Power Homeschool in August. It's taken us a while to kind of figure things out and that you could even turn in the special lessons in the first place. Now that we have, I'm having my daughter do some in science to help bring up her grade, however when she turned it in, it didn't grade it and I can't seem to find an option to grade it myself. It gave her a 0% automatically, even though she got all the questions right. How can I fix the grade on this? Is there a way to edit her overall score to accommodate for this incorrect 0%, if there is no way to change the individual assignment grade?

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Yesterday, 11:30

I hope you get an answer, I have been searching for the same.

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Yesterday, 16:22

Well I have to say I'm a little disappointed in the lack of attention to this forum. I will share with you what I've been doing in the meantime, but it's less than ideal. I've been manually grading the special lessons, then manually calculating their grades including special lessons, and sending their updated grade to myself in Acellus messages to help me remember it. I suppose one could also make a spreadsheet with Excel or Google to keep track of their grades. I do hope someone will come along and tell me there's a better way!

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